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When are winners announced?

In general, winner announcements are in the Summer each year. The exact winner announcement date is fluid, contingent on the judging team’s progress.


2022 Timeline

Winner announcement date – Administrative pre-check takes a few weeks and judging usually takes about a month. Winners are traditionally announced about a month and a half after the final deadline.

1-1-22 Season is scheduled to open in mid-January

2021 Timeline
9-13-21 Winner packets are mailed. All websites, platforms, and databases are updated.

8-31-21 We’re waiting on scores from two final judges. After they arrive, our team will input and tabulate the results. The winner ranking follows. On schedule for a mid-September announcement.

7-30-21 This year’s schedule is on target for an early September winner announcement. We’re currently finishing up our detailed administrative review of all entries. We catch bad URLs, missing passwords, non-blind entries, and incorrectly classified work during this review stage. Our staff takes this review seriously out of respect for our high-caliber, vetted judges. We don’t want to bog them down with any sloppy moments. Keep an eye on your inbox if you receive an email requesting particulars for one of your entries.
A few tidbits while we wait.

6-20-21 Admin. review to ensure all is in order before judging.

Announcement date: We’re on target for a mid-September winner announcement.

Country Participation: This year’s creative competition included companies from the following countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States of America.
Submissions: 3800+

Notification: Winners receive both an email and in-hand winner notification. Non-winners receive an email notification.

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