What are the judging criteria and schedule? – Summit Awards

What are the judging criteria and schedule?

Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award: Judges evaluate each entry’s Brief and Creative Sample, and critique it on how well it influences, changes, or reinforces the audiences’ knowledge, attitudes or beliefs. Entries are judged against a benchmark that indicates quality effectiveness, and Silver winners compete with each for a Platinum win. This means that winners not only meet a minimum standard but also truly stand out from the crowd. Proven creative professionals with a depth of industry experience sit on these judging panels.  Judging takes place in November. Entrants are notified of award results electronically, and winners are mailed a winner packet late-December or early-January.

Each category employs slightly different judging criteria, however, in general, the following is the Summit MEA judging criteria:

  • The Big Idea – Strength of creative approach relative to the audience and product/service/idea 1-25 pts.
  • Does it establish a feeling of want or need 1-25 pts.
  • Does it move the audience closer to action through the use of creative execution and strategic planning? 1-25 pts.
  • Does it influence, change or reinforce the knowledge, attitudes or beliefs of the audience? 1-25 pts.
Category: Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award