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Summit Award-hosted Winner Microsites

UNIQUE OFFERING: The Summit Awards is the only marketing recognition organization that offers winners their own user-controlled, awards-hosted website profile. These profiles are rich with features including portfolio linking, image gallery-hosting, and a built-in WYSIWYG editor for easy control and updating.

If you are a Summit Award winner, simply log in the website (bottom of any page) and then go to Winner Microsites.

PROVEN SUCCESSFUL: These are proven successful promotional tools. The back-end controls are robust with an SEO manager and a meta tag generator to increase search engine ranking. Additionally, creating a winner profile is an opportunity to benefit from free publicity thanks to the high volume of traffic on the Summit Award’s website.

EASILY UPDATEABLE: From time to time, winners may need to update their Winner Microsite. Office moves, contact changes, rebranding, or company announcements. To update your Winner Microsite, log in with the user name/password that created it, navigate to yours, and click on the ‘edit’ button. Changes are published on-the-fly without needing an admin’s approval.


1. Go to the Winners Microsites area: Winners Microsites
2. Choose ‘Add Listing’ (image below). This takes you to the Login page.






3. Either Log in or Register.
4. Once you have Logged in, you’ll return to the Winners Microsites and click on the Summit Award your company won:







5. Choose ‘Add Listing’.






If you’re logged in, you’ll see:











The Microsite builder takes you through a step-by-step process to build your company’s winners microsite.

Upon submit, the Summit Awards administration does confirm winner status prior to publishing.

Have fun and don’t forget to update the site at least once a year to ensure information is accurate and current. Stale microsites may be deactivated.

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