International Winners (off-continent)

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2022 Update:

  • All shippers have increased their prices (fuel, COVID-procedures, labor, supply chain, profiteering). We empathize with our winners and adjust shipping prices when our trophy manufacturer experiences increases or decreases.
  • To assist, we can arrange winner trophies to be shipped to a location in the United States and have the winner manage the remainder.
  • Please use a shipping address that is “Open for Business.” Fees incurred if returned or rerouted.

Shipping details:

Because our global winners are worldwide and order in different quantities, it’s difficult to automate trophy shipping. Please email our staff with the following information, and they’ll get you a custom quote (sia @

1. Desired winner trophy (SCA, MEA, or EMA)

2. Precise delivery/ship-to address

3. Quantity

Once you hear back from the Summit team, navigate to this trophy item and see a pulldown shipping item with your shipping quote.

Trophy details:

  • Four (4) inscription lines are available for winner personalization (40 character limit per line). The Summit Awards reserves the right to shorten lines over 40 characters.
  • Most common inscription order lines 1-4: Winner Name, Entry Name, Winning Category, Client Name.
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