Simon Coffin – Summit Awards

Simon Coffin

Simon Coffin

Senior Design Director, NBA Digital

Turner Broadcasting Systems – ATLANDA

Simon Coffin is an Art Director in the Animation/Design department at Turner Studios. As an Art Director, Simon develops creative for commercials, identity packaging, new media, and interactive projects for the various Turner Entertainment Networks. Simon works closely with clients to pull together the variety of disciplines available at our studios including digital and cel animation, digital compositing, non-linear editorial, and film/video production.

Simon started his professional career as a broadcast designer at Magick Lantern in 1995. At Magick Lantern, a boutique video post and production facility in Atlanta, he developed commercials for advertising agencies and broadcast networks.

After leaving Magick Lantern in 1998, he worked for a short time at the Melia Design Group in Atlanta, Georgia. The Melia Design Group is a small design firm for corporate branding, websites, and multimedia. Simon focused on video editorial and design for various corporate clients. In 1999, Simon left the Melia Design Group to work for Turner Studios.

Simon received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Antioch College in 1995. He graduated with honors with Media Arts and Communication major. At Antioch College, Simon participated in a number of internships in the media fields. These internships include Crawford Communications, American Zoetrope and International Desktop Communications.