Samira Rafi – Summit Awards

Samira Rafi

Samira Rafi

Creative Director and strategic thinker with more than 20 years of experience in Communication and Advertising.

Commitment and multi-disciplinary thinking are at the core of what I do; I believe in work that inspires and drives a positive change for people, the planet, and the industry.

Samira is firmly committed to major causes ( human rights, equality, nature, children, and women). She has benefited from a rich and broad multi-sector experience, and I have supported numerous private and public, global, and local brands at the national and regional levels.

Additionally, she has worked as creative crowdsourcing for a wide range of international brands, and my work has been recognized with awards from several platforms. It is her honor to have been part of the jury of several international festivals like Cristal Summit, Phnx / AdForum, and ADStars.