Quantasy – Summit Awards


B2C Video

Quantasy / Culver City, CA – USA

Title: “Best Yourself” – Visionary Winners

Starring global icon and America’s Got Talent host, Nick Cannon, Quantasy created the eBest Yourself’ video campaign for the new 2013 Honda Civic in order to engage viewers and showcases the improved features of the 2013 Honda Civic through a shared feeling of improvement and non-traditional paths that connect Honda with its consumers. The video was created specifically to reach the millennial audience, and Quantasy designed the full campaign in order to combine the universal brand recognition of Honda and Nick Cannon with a targeted appeal to millenial’s desire to be unique. In doing so, this enabled Honda to celebrate the diversity of their consumer base and the drive to continue their pursuits of greatness. The video has already amassed over 1.8 million views and over 8,000 shares across social media. Perhaps more important however, the average length of viewing from consumers has been over 75% of the video, and over 200 comments were posted with largely positive reviews, especially in relation to the inspiring nature of the video. Ultimately, the video campaign has led to a 1.1% conversion rate of people visiting the Honda website to check out the new Civic.