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Integrated/Mixed Media/Ad Campaign
Promoseven 360

Promoseven 360 / Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Title: “RAKBANK Amal Launch Campaign” – Best of Category

Staying true to being respectably unconventional, the launch campaign of Amal featured the innovative use of animated eggs, to signal the birth of new hope for Islamic banking [8]. Using the brand name itself, Amal, the tagline “Amal Lakum” was created, translated into English as “Hope for you”, which helped to solidify the concept of new hope. Consistent with the unconventional creative device of animated eggs, humor was tastefully injected in the script of the television advertisement, with lines such as “I won’t get scrambled at the bank or get fried in queues” in reference to the bank’s advanced digital channels. Each animated egg was designed to reflect the diverse UAE community made up of expatriates and nationals [9], and their individual needs on which Amal promises to deliver, through innovative Shari’a-compliant products, award-winning service and advanced online, digital and mobile banking channels. Along with the hero image of animated eggs and the tagline found on all launch communications, the headline “Islamic Banking for all” was included to emphasize the accessibility of Amal, catering to individuals from all walks of life.