Pier Lalonde – Continuity Judge – Summit Awards

Pier Lalonde – Continuity Judge

Pier Lalonde


Pixel & Cie, marketing creative – CANADA

I abhor talking about myself, but since I’m supposed to include a bio, here it is. I have a little over 30 years’ experience in design studios and ad agencies in Canada (Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Quebec City). Won my share of awards over the years. Some really glamorous, some less, some extremely meaningful, some less as well. Started out as a graphic designer, became art director, eventually a copywriter. Today, they call me creative director. Which means I do all I did before, plus take care of the ups and downs of my creative teams. Oh, did I say I love my life?

I love curious people, vintage wines, la cuisine française, les femmes (!), talented people who don’t know it,. I love seeing an idea being born, shooting stars, creative that moves me, creative that makes me think, cry, ponder, laugh, fume, scream. I love the people who are that passionate about their creative, their designs, their campaigns…love it most when I can feel my blood rush through every vein of my body. I love my job, my colleagues, my girl, my life.

I hate know-it-alls, mediocrity, laziness, easy-way-out concepts, non strategic creative, warmongers, reality TV, shows like Deal No Deal, Biggest Loser and anything that demeans people. I hate clients who go see an agency with a closed mind and end up wasting everyone’s time. I hate agencies who seduce clients into believing in them and just rehash the same old solution as always. I hate anything obtuse.

I adored my experience as a Summit judge, meeting and exchanging points of view with my co-judges. I adored feeling humbled by some of the creative work I saw, and wish I’d done myself. I adored the welcome and royal treatment we were given by our hosts.

I hope the results are as fair as we hope them to be. I hope creative people from the world over will enter even more work next year. I hope to be invited to do this again.