Award winners enjoy displaying certificates and trophies to let their client and suppliers know they have been recognized by the Marketing Effectiveness Award for their outstanding work.

Awards are copyrighted, and will customized with inscription and and engraving.

The Summit Awards confirms winner status for all award purchases.

MEA Granite Trophy

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  • Please ensure you choose a shipping address that is “Open for Business.” If returned or rerouted, fees are charged.
  • International/Off-continent winners, please use the Off-Continent Orders to place a trophy order. There are more specific instructions and different shipping than North American winners.Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award

The MEA trophy is laser-etched onto black granite with a formed-stainless steel dart and custom-engraved plate.

Four (4) inscription lines are available for winner personalization (40 character limit per line). The Summit Awards reserves the right to shorten lines over 40 characters. The Summit Awards reserves the right to shorten lines over 40 characters. Year won, and Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is automatically on the top line, and Win Level is added to the last line. Most common inscription order lines 1-4: Winner Name, Entry Name, Winning Category, Client Name.


  1. Trophies take 4-8 weeks to customize and produce. Delivery times vary depending on location and order date.
  2. It’s recommended to ship to a commercial address; however, it must be open for delivery. The awards are not responsible for at the time of delivery theft. Use the pull-down menus to select the “ship to” and “commercial vs. residential.” Not doing so may result in delayed processing.
  3. Winners outside the United States assume responsibility for their country’s/territory’s import duties and taxes.

Sample Inscription:

[Year] Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (automatically added)
Winning Company Name
Winning Entry Name
[Level of Win] (automatically added)

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