Award winners enjoy displaying certificates and trophies to let their client and suppliers know they have been recognized by the Marketing Effectiveness Award for their outstanding work.

Awards are copyrighted, and will customized with inscription and and engraving.

The Summit Awards confirms winner status for all award purchases.

International Winners (off-continent)

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Product Details

Shipping details:

Since our global winners order in different quantities and are located worldwide, we cannot automate shipping pricing. Send us the following information via email before ordering for a FedEx quote (

1. Desired winner trophy (SCA, MEA, or EMA)

2. Precise delivery/ship-to address

3. Quantity

When you hear back from Summit, you'll be able to use the pull down item that has your shipping quote.

Trophy details:

  • Four (4) inscription lines are available for winner personalization (40 character limit per line). The Summit Awards reserves the right to shorten lines over 40 characters.
  • Most common inscription order lines 1-4: Winner Name, Entry Name, Winning Category, Client Name.

2023 Update:

  • Shipping prices are coming down for our 2023 year. 2021 and 2022 were plagued with a significant increase their prices (fuel, post-COVID-procedures, labor, supply chain, profiteering). We empathize with our winners and adjust shipping prices when our trophy manufacturer experiences increases or decreases.
  • To assist, we can arrange winner trophies to be shipped to a location in the United States and have the winner manage the remainder.
  • Please use a shipping address that is “Open for Business.” Fees incurred if returned or rerouted.
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