Welcome to the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award Dates & Fees page. Here, you'll find all the essential information you need to participate in our prestigious marketing competition. Discover the key dates for submissions and learn about our straightforward fee structure. We're here to support your journey towards recognition and excellence in marketing. Thank you for considering the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award.

Early Entry
(March 1 - July 31)
Standard Entry
(Aug 1 - Aug 31)
11th Hour
(Sept 1 - Sept 13)
Single Entries$135$145$165
Campaign Entries$175$185$205

Single Entry is one piece of creative execution, i.e., brochure, commercial, outdoor, direct mailer, etc., if multiple implementations are submitted as single, priced as multi-part entries.
Campaigns consist of at least two different executions in one medium or at least one execution in two or more media.
Campaign creative must have been developed with a common theme. Multi-item submissions entered as single entries are either separated and considered single entries or reclassified as a campaign. The award’s staff will contact you if additional fees apply.

Industry Assistance:
The Summit Awards is the only awards organization that gives back to the industry by offering need-based assistance to qualified entrants and discounted student fee structures. Summit Awards is committed to helping reduce barriers for freelancers who need financial assistance. Please email sia@summitawards.com for details.

  • 2024 Timeline

  • (March - August)Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award Season

    The official timeframe for submitting entries to the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award. This season encompasses multiple entry deadlines, allowing participants to choose the most suitable submission period.
  • (March 1 - June 30)Early Entry Deadline

    The initial phase of the award season with a discounted entry fee. Entrants who submit their work during this period benefit from reduced costs.
  • (July 1 - July 31)Standard Entry Deadline

    The middle phase for submitting entries. Although the early bird discount is no longer applicable, participants can still submit their work at a standard entry fee.
  • (August 1 - August 7)11th-Hour Entry Deadline

    The final opportunity for submissions, with a higher entry fee. This phase is designed for those who need extra time and are willing to pay a bit more to enter their work.
  • (August 7)Final Submission Deadline

    The ultimate cutoff for all submissions. No entries will be accepted beyond this date.
  • (TBD)Administrative Review

    A period during which submitted entries are reviewed for adherence to guidelines and requirements. Entries undergo a review process to ensure completeness and compliance.
  • (TBD)Judging Window

    The timeframe in which a panel of judges evaluates and scores the entries based on predetermined criteria.
  • (TBD)Winner Announcement

    The eagerly awaited date when the results of the judging process will be unveiled, revealing the esteemed recipients of the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award.