Marketecture – Summit Awards


Industry Self Promotion 

Marketecture / Manchester – England

Title: “The B2B Zeitgeist”  – Best of Category

The campaign has so far delivered a phenomenal return on investment (2360%) and continues to do so. We have to date converted 28 leads and have an additional 14 clients in the pipeline.

It is important to also note that the campaign also performed well as an image promotion exercise. As well as resulting in new client, we managed to raise our profile and create interaction amongst key trade press targets, with magazine editors Tweeting their love of the book (and even posting photos of themselves wearing our 3D glasses). As well as raising our profile, these mentions also helped to cement our image as purveyors of serious b2b marketing fun.

The campaign continues to deliver value nine months after launch. It is this longevity in terms of lasting impact and measurable ROI which we believe makes this campaign a success. A highly targeted audience, an insightful and engaging content bait piece, integrated digital and social media activity, and a 2360% ROI equating to $##.## in new client revenue važan link.