Lyle Bailie International Limited – Summit Awards

Lyle Bailie International Limited

Public Service/Advocacy 

Lyle Bailie International Limited / Belfast – Northern Ireland

Title: “The Longer Term Effects of Road Safety”  – Best of Category

Real Time Response Testing (RTRT) and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR). RTRT had allowed us to discriminate between/within concepts and test for campaign wear-out. RTRT has proved an excellent indicator of the success of a campaign.

In terms of overall evaluation of our Road Safety Campaigns LyleBailie has used the “Wisdom of Crowds” to ascertain the degree of influence that these road safety ads have had on the general population in NI. This is a psychological phenomenon based on the central thesis that a diverse collection of independently thinking adults is likely to make certain types of decisions and forecasts better than individuals, even if they are experts. The “Wisdom of Crowds” has revealed that DOE road safety advertising makes a 20% contribution to the reduction in road carnage in NI.