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Welcome to the Summit Awards Board of Judges Portal, where excellence meets expertise. As we celebrate three decades of creativity, we extend a warm welcome to each esteemed member of our judging panel. Your dedication and expertise play a vital role in shaping the future of our industry.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Summit Awards community.


Resources and Updates

Access the Summit Awards Platform

Please note that login access to this section will be provided after the final deadline of the competition, once all entries have been received.

The Summit Awards Platform serves as a primary intake tool for judging Summit Awards submissions. Navigate through the submission process, review entries, and submit scores with ease. Click the link below to access the Summit Awards Platform and embark on your judging journey. Thank you for your dedication to excellence in shaping the future of creative innovation.

Timeline and Tick-tock

Scheduled Timeline

  • January - June, Entry Season
  • June 10, Submission deadline
  • April - July, Admin compliance review
  • August, Winner announcement

Real-time Updates

  • April 5, Nominating committee ongoing review of nominees
  • April 15, ury selection begins.
  • April 10, Admin review begins
  • April 22, Jury selection continues. Invitations begin to go out

Release Templates

Social Templates

Elevate your judging experience with our customizable Canva template. Designed for convenience and impact, this template enables you to communicate your association with the Summit Awards across various platforms.

Social Media Post Templates

Craft Your Announcement - Below are a few examples to inspire your social media posts about your role as a judge for the 30th annual Summit Awards. Feel free to personalize and share your unique perspective on this milestone event.

Social Media Post Templates

Option 1: "Excited to announce my role as a judge for the Summit Creative Award! 🌟 Honored to be part of this milestone year celebrating creativity and excellence. Let's make this year unforgettable! #SummitCreativeAward #Judge2024"

Option 2: "Thrilled to be selected as a member of the board of judges for the Summit Creative Award! 🎉 Here's to three decades of inspiring creativity and pushing boundaries. Can't wait to see what incredible talent emerges this year! #SummitCreativeAward #JudgingExcellence"


Option 3: "It's an immense honor to join the esteemed panel of judges for the 2024 Summit Creative Award, marking its 30th year! 🏆 Let's celebrate this milestone by recognizing the outstanding creativity that continues to shape our industry. #SummitCreativeAward #30thAnniversary"

Option 4: "Proud to serve as a judge for the 30th anniversary of the Summit Creative Award! 🎊 Looking forward to celebrating three decades of innovation, talent, and creativity. Here's to another year of pushing boundaries and inspiring greatness! #SummitCreativeAward #30thAnniversary"

Summit Award Judge Icons and Seals

Discover Judge Icons and Seals - Access official judge icons and seals to showcase your involvement with the Summit Awards on your professional platforms.





Summit Awards Organizational Logos

Explore Summit Awards Logos - Familiarize yourself with the official Summit Awards logos representing our commitment to excellence and innovation.





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