Gautam Nath – Continuity Judge – Summit Awards

Gautam Nath – Continuity Judge

Gautam (Gordon) Nath

President & CEO, Multicultural Marketing Solutions – CANADA

Hall of Fame, Faculty of Management Studies, Building Organizations with Visionary Strategies, Toronto Mayoral Candidate 2018, Author, Online TV Host, Change Catalyst, embracing Tomorrow, Driving Success!

Few good years in Global Corporate Multinational’s like SC Johnson, Estee Lauder, and Taylor Nelson Sofres has brought a wide perspective of running and managing large business enterprises. Experienced corporate visionary, marketing skills, brand building strategies, and market research guru. Board level perspective as a board member as well as Board Chair. Special focus on mentoring and finding the hot buttons for new Canadians. Come on in and read some more.

Specialties: Leadership & Vision, Change Management, Business Structuring, Strategic Management Insights, Corporate Mentoring, International Trade, Brand & Category Management, Human Resource Management, Recruitment and Selection, Branding & Communications, Marketing Research & Insights, Understanding Canadian Multicultural Markets & how the e-world is bringing Change. Passion for making a difference in peoples lives, and in running large organizations. Keen eye of understanding people and sifting the wheat from the chaff!

And the slimmest Foodie in the world!

– Awarded the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award 2011,
– Ontario’s Highest for Voluntarism, The June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award 2017
– Canada’s Top 50 Diversity Board Professionals 2017 and in May 2018,
– Canada’s Highest Recognition – The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers; for giving back to the Community! And also…
– On the panel as a Canadian Citizenship swearing-in judge.