Fabio Orlando – Summit Awards

Fabio Orlando

Fabio Orlando

Chief Executive & Chief Creative Office

tag – CANADA

They say you can’t be two places at once. Well “they” obviously haven’t met Fabio, whose ambition and multitasking defies all levels of physics, space and time. How he accomplishes so much in a single day — inspires a big idea, closes a deal, sells a strategy, produces a TV spot, tweaks a headline, wins a foosball game, cracks a joke, whips his team into shape, and tucks his kids into bed – deserves a slow clap.

With an uncanny knack for influencing people in all aspects of life, he uses this skill most effectively in advertising to develop creative that doesn’t respond to culture but creates it.

He spent a short time in other shops before catapulting himself into entrepreneurial-ship with only a few key clients, his passion, a sense of humour, and his fearlessness. And tag was born. Since then he’s contributed to the identity and success of a multitude of brands, including the First Choice Haircutters, Philips, and BMW.

As a leader, he conducts his business by encouraging others to think bigger than they are accustomed, trust their gut, and steer clear of the naysayers in the room. He believes there is always a way. In creative and in life, he continually strives for happiness and exuberance. No matter how exhausted he becomes trying to attain it.