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Expedia Media Solutions

Integrated/Mixed Media/Ad Campaign
Expedia Media Solutions

Expedia Media Solutions / Bellevue, WA – USA

Title: “Find Yours” – Best of Category

Client: Expedia Media Solutions

Find Yours has become the brand’s most successful marketing campaign over the past several years and this seismic shift in the company’s marketing strategy has transformed the way the company interacts with consumers. In spite of the increase of competition and the potential decrease of OLTAs’ collective share of online bookings, the company’s flagship brand revenue grew an astounding 17% year over year and site traffic to the principal ecommerce domain grew an average of 5.5% month to month from the launch of the campaign in July 2012. The campaign created a lot of buzz among consumers, generating nearly 1.8 billion media impressions, 26 million Facebook impressions and 4.2 million Twitter impressions.