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Awards are customized with lettering and engraving.

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Off-continent Shipping

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General: This item is used for off-continent trophy shipping - North America to abroad. You should see a pull-down menu item created for you by our staff with the shipping quote.

Details: Winners are located worldwide, and as a result, shipping rates for trophies vary greatly. Email us what you wish to order ([email protected]) and the ship to address to receive a pass-through shipping rate for your order.

Once you hear from us, return here and use the pull-down menu item created for your shipment. Note that our trophy manufacturer has an automatic $10 customs paperwork fee for processing overseas shipments.

Import duties and taxes: Award winners are responsible for any import duties or taxes incurred by incoming trophy delivery.

Shipping Quote: Please get in touch before placing your order for an individual shipping quote. Late arriving shipping will delay the order. SHIPPING QUOTE REQUEST

  • SCA Crystal - 14lbs - FedEx
  • SCA Composite - 4lbs - FedEx and USPS
  • MEA Marble Dart - 9lbs - FedEx
  • EMA Orb - 8lbs - FedEx
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