A list of Emerging Media Award categories is offered below. Multiple categories may apply to your entry; choose the best fit. You may also enter the same (or different) work in multiple categories; your work will be judged separately against its competitors, and therefore multiple entry fees apply.

  • Advertising & Marketing - Includes social networks, web advertising, and email marketing campaigns. Advertising forms include contextual ads in all forms including banner ads, blogs, rich media, social network, interstitials, displays, cross-platform, etc. All forms of communication efforts whose aim is to change the knowledge attitudes or beliefs and more a target closer to action or purchase intention. Business to Business and Consumer audiences.

  • Digital/Mobile/Social Media Campaign - Digital, mobile, and social media marketing refers to the process of gaining attention through digital methods and sites. May include Interactive TV, Social network marketing, viral marketing, and email advertising. It usually centers efforts on content that attracts attention and encourages action. Business to Business and Consumer audiences.

  • Influencer Campaign - An Influencer campaign is a form of digital marketing that utilizes influencers to reach potential customers. Influencers are individuals who have a large following on social media and are considered experts in their respective fields. Influencer campaigns can be used to create brand awareness, promote products and services, or reach targeted audiences. Influencer campaigns can be tailored to the individual influencer's style, demographic, and audience to create more effective campaigns tailored to their unique needs and interests. Influencer campaigns can range from smaller, sponsored posts to larger collaborations and campaigns.

  • Integrated/360 Campaign - Advertising and Marketing campaigns utilizing more than one form of media created for communications or commerce between companies (as opposed to between a company and a consumer). Business to Business and Consumer audiences.

  • Animation/Motion Graphics - Animation/Motion Graphics is a type of digital art that uses moving images to create special effects, titles, and other visual elements. It is a combination of graphic design and video production techniques, which is used to create motion graphics that can be used for film, television, web, and other media.

  • User Experience (UX) - User Experience (UX) focuses on the overall experience that a user has while interacting with digital products and services. This category evaluates the design, usability, and effectiveness of digital interfaces, websites, apps, or interactive media to ensure they provide a seamless and intuitive experience for the end-user. Entries in this category should demonstrate how they enhance user satisfaction, accessibility, and functionality.
  • Video/Moving Images - The Video or Moving Image category encompasses any type of media that utilizes moving images, such as films, television shows, animations, music videos, webisodes, and documentaries. Any type of video or moving image that has been produced and distributed to a wide audience is eligible for consideration.

  • Interactive Media/App - Includes products and services promoted on computer-based systems (desktop, tablet, phone, app) which respond to a user's actions by presenting content such as text, graphics, animation, video, audio, games, applications, etc. Business to Business and Consumer audiences.

  • B2B Website - A business-to-business (B2B) website is a type of website designed to facilitate the exchange of goods and services between two businesses. It is an online marketplace for businesses to buy, sell, or trade products and services. B2B websites also provide an array of other services, such as product information, technical support, customer reviews, and more.

  • Consumer Website - A consumer website is a type of website that provides information and resources for consumers to make informed decisions about products and services. It is usually created by a company or organization to promote their product or service and to provide a platform for customers to learn more about the product or service, ask questions and even purchase products or services.

  • Video - Video used to demonstrate, teach, explain, garner attention for a concept, product or service to a business, education, or technical audience. Business to Business and Consumer audiences.

  • Education - Marketing and advertising that are education focused, support education, or provide online assistance and service. This category includes content for students of any age, children through adults, as well as tools and information for educators and scholars.

  • Finance/Banking - Financial marketing is creating and executing marketing strategies to promote products, services, and solutions related to the the B2B and B2C finance industry. This includes the promotion of banking, insurance, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, crypto and other financial products.

  • Government/Non-Profit - Government/Non-Profit Marketing is an area of marketing that focuses on helping government and nonprofit organizations achieve their goals. It involves utilizing digital, interactive, social, print, and video to promote a message, campaign, or initiative. It also includes creating advertising that appeals to the target audience and helps to engage potential donors, volunteers, and advocates.

  • Healthcare/Medicine Marketing - Healthcare/Medicine marketing is a specialized field focused on helping medical professionals, hospitals, and medical product manufacturers effectively reach and engage their target audience. It involves creating strategies and campaigns tailored to the medical industry's unique needs and leveraging the latest digital and traditional marketing techniques to deliver maximum results. From developing specialized content to optimizing organic and paid search, healthcare/medicine marketing is an essential part of a successful healthcare marketing program.

  • Student Entry - This category is dedicated to entries submitted by students. It showcases the creativity, innovation, and talent of the next generation of marketing and media professionals. Student entries often bring fresh perspectives and cutting-edge ideas.

Entry Definitions

  • All work submitted must have been completed within the last three calendar years until the final deadline.
  • Single Entry is one piece of creative execution, i.e. app, website, video.
  • Campaigns consist of at least two executions in one or more media.

Winner announcement

  • January

Multi-item submissions entered as single entries are either separated and considered single entries or reclassified as a campaign. The award’s staff will contact you if additional fees apply.

Industry Assistance

The Summit Awards is the only awards organization that gives back to the industry by offering need-based assistance to qualified entrants and discounted student fee structures. Summit Awards is committed to helping reduce barriers for freelancers who need financial assistance. Please email sia@summitawards.com for details.