Emerging Media Award – Summit Awards
Recognizing Visionaries in Our New Forms of Media

The Summit Emerging Media Award evolved through a need to recognize and celebrate creativity, innovation, and those pushing the bounds of creative excellence in all newer forms of emerging media.

Traditionally, advertising has focused strictly on the big idea. Today, advertising needs to break new ground to keep up with the ever-changing pace. This award recognizes communications that keep pace with our times through innovative use of new media. Compete on a global stage, with an international panel of judges and creative from all over the world.

Summit Emerging Media Award

This award is for the marketers, coders, designers, developers, innovators, visionaries, and leaders in this exciting new realm of advertising. We offer recognition for introducing new methods, directing and helping to set the pace for emerging media, and demonstrating excellence on the web — through apps, mobile advertising, videos, mobile sites, and social media.

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The Summit Emerging Media Award is open to all-size organizations and creative communication professionals.

Judging Scope
Method – Uniqueness, audience reach, strategy
Innovation – Visual design/creativity, graphical user interface, interaction design/functionality, user experience, audience reach.
Information – Marketing message integration, audience appeal, user appeal.


Winning entries receive the Leader, Innovator, or coveted Visionary Award.

  • Elizabeth Fox | Co-founder
    It is an honor to be designated a Leader in the Emerging Media Awards. We appreciate that Summit recognizes our commitment to finding innovative ways to connect women to great businesses in their communities.
    Elizabeth Fox | Co-founder
  • Arturo Schwartzberg | Cofounder and Chairman
    Creativity and innovation are embedded in SweetRush’s DNA. We constantly feel the need to reinvent ourselves and not just keep up with the constantly evolving uses of media for learning and development, but to actually push the envelope ourselves. Receiving an award that recognizes and celebrates that tells us we’re moving in the right direction and creating innovative solutions for our clients.
    Arturo Schwartzberg | Cofounder and Chairman

2020 Top Summit Emerging Media Award Winners

January 16, 2021

Trekk – 2020 Visionary

Trekk Rockford IL – United States Category: Engagement/Experiential Title: Ticonderoga Storybook Mailer Client: International Paper Award: Visionary Award
January 16, 2021

Salesforce – 2020 Visionary

Salesforce San Francisco CA – United States Category: Video – B2B Title: Bentley Motors is a Trailblazer Client: Salesforce Award: Visionary Award
January 16, 2021

Plus972 – 2020 Visionary

Plus972 New York NY – United States Category: Website – B2B Title: Web Design and Development – SHVO Client: SHVO | Luxury Real Estate Developer Award: […]
January 16, 2021

OnePlus Nord – 2020 Visionary

OnePlus Nord Stockholm – Sweden Category: Integrated/360 Campaign Title: OnePlus Nord Client: OnePlus Award: Visionary Award
January 16, 2021

Oakwood Agency – 2020 Visionary

Oakwood Agency Bristol Avon – United Kingdom Category: Social Media Campaign Title: triplus Campaign Client: STAEDTLER Award: Visionary Award
January 16, 2021

Eavor Technologies Inc. – 2020 Visionary

Eavor Technologies Inc. Calgary AB – Canada Category: Emerging Media Title: Eavor-Lite Virtual Tour Client: Eavor Technologies Award: Visionary Award
January 16, 2021

Brightline Interactive – 2020 Visionary

Brightline Interactive Alexandria VA – United States Category: Display/Kiosk/Trade Show Title: LOONEY TUNES 5G EXPERIENCE Client: AT&T and Warner Bros. Award: Visionary Award
January 16, 2021

CraneMorley – 2020 Visionary

CraneMorley Long Beach CA – United States Category: Interactive Media Title: NYSEARCH Client: AT&T and Warner Bros. Award: Visionary Award