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Emerging Media Award

Channel 1 Media Solutions Inc.

Leisure/Recreation Website Channel 1 Media Solutions Inc. / Toronto, ON – Canada Title: “Wells Fargo Center” – Visionary Winner Completely customizable website showcasing all Premium Seating offerings and Benefits at Wells Fargo Center. Robust CMS allows reps to create specific personalized presentations tailored to each individual client.


Consumer Product Website CREATIVE GRAPHICS INC. / Markham, ON – Canada Title: “Magic Noodle Website” – Visionary Winner The website of Magic Noodle aims to emphasizes the high-quality control of its handmade noodles served at the restaurant, whist giving audiences a modern and authentic image. It also keeps the traditional, authentic Chinese culture characteristics as well.

Jack Morton Worldwide

Best Use of Animation/Motion Graphics Jack Morton Worldwide / London, England – UK Title: “Pan-Asia Film Festival” – Visionary Winner As festival sponsors, Prudential plc wanted to celebrate Asia and its auteurs with a short film to be shown before every screening at the Pan-Asia Film Festival in London. Our idea: a mesmerising interpretation of six iconic Asian films.

Lyle Bailie International Limited

Public Service/Non-Profit Commercial Lyle Bailie International Limited / Belfast, NI – United Kingdom Title: “Classroom” – Visionary Winner A Classroom of little children enjoying a school trip to a country park. Unknown to them and us a young driver is speeding along the country road next to the park. The idea dramatises the fact that you can never control the consequences if […]

Iron Creative Communication

Invitation/E-card/Announcement Iron Creative Communication / San Francisco, CA – USA Title: “Rudolphitis” – Visionary Winner Genentech engaged Iron to develop a holiday-themed web experience that was authentic to their industry and brand. As such, while the originality and innovation of Rudolphitis make it extraordinarily entertaining, they are also extremely strategic.