2014 EMA Visionary – Summit Awards

2014 EMA Visionary


Consumer Product Website Duncan/Channon / San Francisco, CA – USA Title: “Formula X for Sephora” – Visionary Winner People love to post pictures of their nails — it’s practically an internet subgenre. But no one has capitalized on it. This site, launching Sephora’s super-fun polish, is a comprehensively social place for fans to share, show off and snag ideas.

NGX Interactive

Education NGX Interactive / Vancouver, BC – Canada Title: “The Watershed of the Future Simulator” – Visionary Winner The Watershed of the Future Simulator is an educational interactive game at the Manitoba Museum that challenges kids to make real life decisions that improve the ecological health of Lake Winnipeg.

Lyle Bailie International Limited

Public Service/Non-Profit Commercial Lyle Bailie International Limited / Belfast, NI – United Kingdom Title: “Classroom” – Visionary Winner A Classroom of little children enjoying a school trip to a country park. Unknown to them and us a young driver is speeding along the country road next to the park. The idea dramatises the fact that you can never control the consequences if […]

Iron Creative Communication

Invitation/E-card/Announcement Iron Creative Communication / San Francisco, CA – USA Title: “Rudolphitis” – Visionary Winner Genentech engaged Iron to develop a holiday-themed web experience that was authentic to their industry and brand. As such, while the originality and innovation of Rudolphitis make it extraordinarily entertaining, they are also extremely strategic.