2023 MEA Best of Category – Summit Awards

2023 MEA Best of Category

LMG audace et creativité

LMG audace et creativité Title: Video Consent Awareness Campaign Summary: These videos are aimed at promoting healthy relationships, preventing sexual violence, and fostering a culture of respect among the Innu community. Award: Best of Category Client: Qarjuit Youth Council Credits: Phil Têtu, Producer Phil Têtu, […]


GreenShield Category: Healthcare/Medical Industry Marketing Title: Reverse Waiting Room Summary: GreenShield’s Reverse Waiting Room creatively flips the script on a universal human truth, putting the patient at the centre of their health and benefits experience. Award: Best of Category Client: GreenShield Credits: Mandy Mail, GreenShield, […]

Diversified Marketing Strategies

Diversified Marketing Strategies Category: Public Service/Advocacy Title: “Did You Know?” Campaign – Targeting Minor Consumption Summary: This project was targeted marketing effort to curb minor consumption of alcohol throughout Porter County, IN and later neighboring Lake County, IN. Award: Best of Category Client: Geminus Credits: […]