2015 MEA Best of Category – Summit Awards

2015 MEA Best of Category


Public Service/Advocacy Cornerstone / New York, NY – USA Title: “Share The Sound of An AIDS Free Generation” – Best of Category Client: Coca-Cola (RED) We began with a cause that wasn’t top of mind to the millennial audience and inspired them to action. We raised more than $950k in just one month and generated 1.53 Billion impressions, educating a new generation […]


Outdoor Advertising Dice / New York, NY – USA Title: “The Hottest Tech Talent” – Best of Category Clent: Dice Tech unemployment is extremely low, falling to 2.5 percent on average in June. Some developer roles can be less than 1 percent. The tech recruiting industry is hot, and our customers are always looking for the latest tools to get to talent […]

Eclipse Creative

Online Advertising and Marketing   Eclipse Creative / Victoria, BC – Canada Title: “Beyond Words Campaign” – Best of Category Client: Tourism Victoria The concept was developed based on the belief that the experience in Victoria is hard to put into words, hence “Victoria, Beyond Words.” We wanted to build on the relaxed atmosphere that Victoria offers and communicate how much fun you […]

Hayes Image

Logo Design Hayes Image / Winchelsea, VI – Australia Title: “Eclipse Logo” – Best of Category Client: Eclipse After looking at the existing design and the competition. The procedure was to address the negative and contrasting elements of those designs to create something unique and fresh. The consistent design standard between Eclipse and their completion was their brands were straight typography. So […]

North Strategic

Social Media Marketing North Strategic / Toronto, ON – Canada Title: “Social Flyer” – Best of Category Client: Sport Chek The strategy was to leverage the endless targeting capabilities of social media in order to always be weather-relevant – a challenge made insurmountable to physical flyers due to production lead times. The overall targeting strategy combined Reach, Behaviour and Performance tactics utilizing SEM, […]

Ogilvy – New York

Business to Business – Collateral Materials    Ogilvy / New York, NY – USA Title: “Welcome to the Waitless World” – Best of Category Client: IBM Power Systems 4.3 Million Twitter impressions 17.2 Million Facebook impressions 2.3 Million LinkedIn Impressions 6,700 Slideshare views 630,000 video impressions via Tremor 390 Kiosk Blink Test Users and 10,800 organic impressions of the Blink Test tweets 980 […]

Ogilvy & Mather – Chicago

Integrated/Mixed Media/Ad Campaign    Ogilvy & Mather / Chicago, IL – USA Title: “Synchrony Financial 2014 Brand Launch – Partnership” – Best of Category Client: Synchrony Financial During the 15-week launch, aided awareness nearly doubled (38% to 62%) with Business Prospects, and maintained healthy levels with Business Clients (98% throughout campaign).