2014 MEA Best of Category – Summit Awards

2014 MEA Best of Category

KPMG International

Social Media Marketing KPMG International / Toronto,Ontario – Canada Title: “World Economic Forum Live” – Best of Category Client: KPMG International Given that the organization is a professional services firm (akin to B2B), the sales cycle is quite long compared to many traditional and B2C firms, and thus defining a pipeline is not a straightforward process. Enhancing brand awareness and perception is […]

Expedia Media Solutions

Integrated/Mixed Media/Ad Campaign Expedia Media Solutions / Bellevue, WA – USA Title: “Find Yours” – Best of Category Client: Expedia Media Solutions Find Yours has become the brand’s most successful marketing campaign over the past several years and this seismic shift in the company’s marketing strategy has transformed the way the company interacts with consumers. In spite of the increase of competition […]

Havas Media Middle East

Integrated/Mixed Media/Ad Campaign Havas Media Middle East / Knowledge Village, Dubai – United Arab Emirates Title: “The G2 Lab” – Best of Category Client: LG Electronics In three weeks the G2 Lab was picked up as a case study for MENA by Google; over 600,000 unique Lab visitors; 2,000,000 YouTube views; 750,000 Facebook fans; 16,000 new Twitter followers, with 200,000 unique engagements […]

Vibes Communications Pte Ltd.

Industry Self Promotion Vibes Communications Pte Ltd. / Singapore, – Singapore Title: “Mail – Vibes Media Bytes ‘Burger’ ” – Best of Category To develop a unique direct mail kit to introduce Vibes Media Bytes with bravado i To share Vibes’ 2014 GOLD Summit Creative Awards i To leverage the awards as a talking point for fresh dialogues on future collaborations