2013 MEA Best of Category – Summit Awards

2013 MEA Best of Category


Online Advertising and Marketing Zeta / Poole, Dorset – United Kingdom Title: “Mindjet Gets You Home On Time” – Best of Category Results were measured by the number of leads (downloads); the target cost-per-lead being £40 (about $61) and the target number of leads being 200 – this was exceeded, with 267 leads achieved. The 22:00 ad was the best performing, indicating […]

Saltwater Creative + Technology

Education Marketing Saltwater Creative + Technology / Portsmouth, NH – USA Title: “ATAC Integrated Campaign” – Best of Category Educate our target on the program offering that ATAC has to offer and the employment opportunities that it can lead to. As mentioned previously, New Hampshire’s manufacturing industry has shifted from traditional mill work toward high-tech smart manufacturing over the last 15 years. […]

First Loom, Inc.

Interactive Media First Loom, Inc. / New York, NY – USA Title: “Say You Like Me” – Best of Category Over 500,000 viewers worldwide interacted with the music video – increasing the Band’s reach to places around the world including Iraq, the Philippines and Malaysia. Viewers were anything but passive: over 85% of viewers engaged for the full length of the video, […]

PRR, Inc.

Government Marketing PRR, Inc. / Seattle, WA – USA Title: “Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids” – Best of Category The campaign included 18 months of active outreach, beginning with the launch in August 2012. The plan also included strategies for the future that included using multiple touch points and additional third-party advocates. Overall results included: i A 13 percent increase in concern about […]

Rinaldi Communication Marketing

Outdoor Advertising Rinaldi Communication Marketing / Montreal, QC – Canada Title: “Dominate The Elements-Montreal Auto Show” – Best of Category As part of the 2013 Montreal Auto Show, the Quebec Subaru Dealers’ Association wanted to once again push the boundaries of creativity and to take advantage of the site and its surroundings. The characteristics of the vehicles inspired the creation of a […]

Promoseven 360

Integrated/Mixed Media/Ad Campaign Promoseven 360 / Dubai – United Arab Emirates Title: “RAKBANK Amal Launch Campaign” – Best of Category Staying true to being respectably unconventional, the launch campaign of Amal featured the innovative use of animated eggs, to signal the birth of new hope for Islamic banking [8]. Using the brand name itself, Amal, the tagline “Amal Lakum” was created, translated […]


Social Media Marketing Essencius / Copenhagen – Denmark Title: “Coca-Cola Arctic Home” – Best of Category The overall campaign message evoked different emotions in the target group. The activation leveraged real world consequences, showing that if nothing is done to help improve the Arctic, then the polar bears will slowly disappear. – 35,266 people interacted with the Arctic Home Facebook tab over […]