2011 MEA Best of Category – Summit Awards

2011 MEA Best of Category

Lyle Bailie International Limited

Visitors: 117 Public Service/Advocacy  Lyle Bailie International Limited / Belfast – Northern Ireland Title: “The Longer Term Effects of Road Safety”  – Best of Category Real […]

Pulse Marketing

Visitors: 83 Consumer Products Pulse Marketing / North Sydney, New South Wales – Australia Title: “The Natural Choice” – Best of Category During the winter of 2010 whilst […]

Revolution Strategy

Visitors: 209 Government  Revolution Strategy /  Saint John, New Brunswick – Canada Title: “Tourism Campaign” – Best of Category New Brunswick ranked second in Canada for growth […]

Red House

Visitors: 32 Corporate/Image Red House / Alpharetta, GA – US Title: “Customer Welcome Kit Campaign” – Best of Category

Donovan Creative Communications Inc.

Visitors: 101 Non-Profit   Donovan Creative Communications Inc. / Edmonton, Alberta – Canada Title: “Edmonton Public Library Rebranding” – Best of Category The results of the […]


Visitors: 57 New Product/Service Introduction Global Experience Specialist (GES) / Los Vegas, NV – US Title: “International CES 2011” – Best of Category The House of Marley’s […]