2009 MEA Best of Category – Summit Awards

2009 MEA Best of Category

Foundry Creative

Visitors: 55 Recruitment/Employment/Trainging Foundry Creative  Calgary, Alberta – Canada Title: “Employee Welcome Package”  – Best of Category Not all companies take the time or effort to […]


Visitors: 53 Consumer Services MOST / Irvington, NY – US Title: “MOST” – Best of Category NAR and MOST established a fully integrated communications campaign to […]

Beeby Clark + Meyler

Visitors: 46 Business to Business Product Beeby Clark + Meyler / Irvington, NY – US Title: “imagination at work” – Best of Category The largest-ever LIVE […]

Deadline Advertising

Visitors: 47 Leisure & Entertainment Deadline Advertising / Los Angeles, CA – US Title: “3-Cup WallE Widget” – Best of Category This was a never-before-done WALL-E […]

Education Dynamics

Visitors: 101 Education EducationDynamics  / Hoboken, NJ – US Title: “[email protected]” (Admitted Student Program) – Best of Category Enrollment increased by 207 additional students, an increase […]

Creative Co-op LLC

Visitors: 57 Rebranding Creative Co-op LLC  / Portsmouth, NH – USA Title: “American Water Rebranding” – Best of Category By consolidating outreach campaigns, the agencies were […]

Interkom Inc.

Visitors: 41 Healthcare/Medicine Interkom Inc. / Canada, ON – US Title: “Totology Campaign” – Best of Category Based on the critical research and in working closely […]