2009 MEA Best of Category – Summit Awards

2009 MEA Best of Category


Foundry Creative

Recruitment/Employment/Trainging Foundry Creative  Calgary, Alberta – Canada Title: “Employee Welcome Package”  – Best of Category Not all companies take the time or effort to really welcome new employees. This is not a recruitment piece, but comes after the fact. This set ATBIS apart from the competition program. The initial impression creates a consistent orientation experience for all ATBIS associates and […]


Consumer Services MOST / Irvington, NY – US Title: “MOST” – Best of Category NAR and MOST established a fully integrated communications campaign to establish confidence with home buyers about the long-term benefits of homeownership, buying opportunities in the changing real estate market, and the value of working with a REALTOR® in these difficult times. A website – HousingMarketFacts.com – […]

Beeby Clark + Meyler

Business to Business Product Beeby Clark + Meyler / Irvington, NY – US Title: “imagination at work” – Best of Category The largest-ever LIVE in-banner ad-served broadcast was streamed within the campaign designed to reach GE’s retail investor base. This unique display banner also enabled viewers to ask questions of GE CEO and Chairman Jeff Immelt LIVE during the broadcast. […]

Deadline Advertising

Leisure & Entertainment Deadline Advertising / Los Angeles, CA – US Title: “3-Cup WallE Widget” – Best of Category This was a never-before-done WALL-E interactive experience. Deadline wanted to create a fully interactive widget with multiple features that would engage and entertain the audience while informing them about the home entertainment release of WALL-E. This widget attained over 65,000 embeds […]

Education Dynamics

Education EducationDynamics  / Hoboken, NJ – US Title: “You@Mizzou” (Admitted Student Program) – Best of Category Enrollment increased by 207 additional students, an increase of 3.5%. – The program successfully delivered admissions as well as pre-orientation content to their accepted student population, thus helping them be better prepared for college. 

Creative Co-op LLC

Rebranding Creative Co-op LLC  / Portsmouth, NH – USA Title: “American Water Rebranding” – Best of Category By consolidating outreach campaigns, the agencies were able to have a greater impact, avoid duplicate efforts and educate water users on the shared resources of each agency. The California Public Utilities Commission, which oversees CAW’s rates and programs, has since endorsed a partnership […]

Interkom Inc.

Healthcare/Medicine Interkom Inc. / Canada, ON – US Title: “Totology Campaign” – Best of Category Based on the critical research and in working closely with the Key Opinion Leader, Interkom was able to develop an MDS Education Tool that effectively uses the analogy of gardening principles and fruit trees to symbolize bone marrow and the types of blood cells that […]