2021 SCA Best of Show – Summit Awards

2021 SCA Best of Show

Amoth Studio – New Prague Czech Republic

Amoth Studio New Prague, Czech Republic Category: Package Design Title: The Treasure of Zbojniks Client: ST. NICOLAUS – trade, a.s. Award: 2021 Best of Show The task was to create a label design for a Slovak line of fruit distillates “Zbojnícka”. The story behind the creation of the brand is inspired by local folk tales and traditions, while the label […]

Just Global – Emeryville USA

Just Global Emeryville, California United States Category: Coronavirus – B2B, Single Entry Title: Never-ending Lockdown Client: Inclusive Places Award: 2021 Best of Show Inclusive Places works with architects to ensure both spaces are fully accessible to those living with challenges to their hearing, sight, and mobility. With the entire world experiencing lockdown and the sense of isolation, “Never-ending Lockdown” brings […]

MARQ Films – Taipei City Taiwan

MARQ Films Taipei City, Taiwan Category: Government Video Title:  Good Pingtung Client: Pingtung County Government Award: 2021 Best of Show Spreading the message that ”the people’s voice of need can be heard by the county government.” At the same time, the residents feel that the country government is on their side, and promotes that the services provided are within reach […]

Inbrax – Las Condes Chile

Inbrax Santiago, Las Condes Chile Category: Public Service Campaign Title: Settlements Client: Techo Latam Award: 2021 Best of Show Techo had the challenge of carrying out its collection online for the first time. They define a goal of $50K. The idea was to make people in Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Brazil and Peru believe that there was a film called “Settlements”. […]

Immersion Creative – BC Canada

Immersion Creative Vancouver, British Columbia Canada Category: Print Advertising Consumer – Single Title: Inkblot Client: Pollock Clinics Award: 2021 Best of Show Project Description – In Vancouver, Pollock is a household name when it comes to penis surgery. He was missing a tasteful & sophisticated introduction to the masses. Credits Mike Catherall, Immersion Creative, Creative Director Katie Lapi, Graphic Designer […]

CRI agence – Québec Canada

CRI agence Montréal, Québec Canada Category: Integrated Campaign – Not-for-profit Title: Because we still have a long way to go Client: Fondation Charles-Bruneau Award: 2021 Best of Show The crux of the campaign is a promotional film that puts the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau cyclists directly in the children’s hospital to show where their involvement takes place and for whom: in […]

Habit – Alberta Canada

Habit Edmonton, Alberta Canada Category: Integrated Campaign – Not-for-profit Title: Forests Suck Client: Project Forest Award: 2021 Best of Show Project Forest is a non-profit organization created as a way to unite private sector companies across Alberta in an initiative to reduce carbon and rewild Alberta. Credits Christy Forsythe, Habit, Creative Director, christy@habithq.ca Lisa Babiuk, Habit, Copywriter Jon Manning, Copywriter […]