2019 SCA Best of Show – Summit Awards

2019 SCA Best of Show



Visitors: 210 MASSE COMMUNICATION Quebec QC, Canada Category: Brochure Title: 2017-2022 Strategic Planning Report Client: Quebec Aboriginal Tourism Award: Best of Show Design of the 2017-2022 […]

Third Story Films – 2019 Best of Show

Visitors: 295 Third Story Films Washington DC, USA Category: Branded Content Title: Annie The Beetle Client: Volkswagen Award: Best of Show Kathleen Brooks, a California native, […]

Creative Graphics Inc – 2019 Best of Show

Visitors: 329 Creative Graphics Inc Markham, Ontario – Canada Category: Complete Branding Campaign Title: The Captain’s Boil Client: The Captain’s Boil Award: Best of Show The […]

Casanova – 2019 Best of Show

Visitors: 277 Casanova Elche, Alicante – Spain Category: Outdoor – Single Title: The biggest picture in the world taken with a smartphone Client: Casanova Award: Best […]

Parnaso Comunicación – 2019 Best of Show

Visitors: 142 Parnaso Comunicación Sevilla – Spain Category: Print Advertising – Consumer Single Title: Corkscrew Wrench Client: Bodegas F-Schatz Award: Best of Show Bodegas F-Schatz wants […]

Organic – 2019 Best of Show

Visitors: 115 Organic New York, NY – USA Category: Industry Self-Promotion Website/Interactive Media Title: Trump Master Flex Client: Organic Award: Best of Show Clients were having […]

Pixel & Cie – 2019 Best of Show

Visitors: 254 Pixel & Cie Levis, QC – Canada Category: Integrated Campaign – Consumer Title: COLLÈGE DE LÉVIS Open House Campaign Client: COLLÈGE DE LÉVIS Award: […]

Ekstasy – 2019 Best of Show

Visitors: 248 Ekstasy London, England – United Kingdom Category: Video Series/Campaign Title: Fun Slow-Motion “Growing” Client: Oracle Netsuite Award: Best of Show A series of 8-videos […]