2016 SCA Best of Show – Summit Awards

2016 SCA Best of Show

lookthinkmake -2016 Best of Show

Education lookthinkmake / Austin, TX – USA Title: “Texas Executive Education: The Bigger Picture” – Industry Specific Marketing Best of Show

Terrain Ogilvy -2016 Best of Show

B-to-B Trade Campaign Terrain Ogilvy / Montreal, Ontario – Canada Title: “Trading with the World” – Print Best of Show

Overdrive Design Limited -2016 Best of Show

Collateral Redesign Overdrive Design Limited / Toronto, Ontario – Canada Title: “Heather & Little — Custom Sheet Metal and Roofing Contractors” – Redesign/Rebrand Best of Show

Derby -2016 Best of Show

Food/Beverage Commercial Derby / New York, NY – USA Title: “Hydration Magic” – Broadcast Best of Show

Turbulent -2016 Best of Show

Entertainment Interactive Media https://robertsspaceindustries.com/starmap Turbulent / Montreal, Ontario – Canada Title: “Starmap” – Interactive Media Best of Show  

Yield Branding -2016 Best of Show

B-to-B Logo Yield Branding / Toronto, Ontario – Canada Title: “150Alliance Identity” – Design Best of Show

C&B Advertising -2016 Best of Show

Outdoor Campaign C&B Advertising / Calgary, Alberta – Canada Title: “Raise Your Bar Outdoor Campaign” – Judges Choice Award

Diamond Integrated Marketing -2016 Best of Show

Consumer Campaign – Regional/National Diamond Integrated Marketing / Toronto, Ontario – Canada Title: “#TDThanksYou ‘Then and Now'” – Campaign Best of Show

Epsilon -2016 Best of Show

Industry Self-Promotion Campaign Industry Self-Promotion Campaign / San Francisco, CA – USA Title: “Actual Reality Headsets” – Industry Self-Promotion Best of Show