2014 SCA Best of Show – Summit Awards

2014 SCA Best of Show

OneMethod Inc. -2014 Best of Show

Guerrilla Marketing OneMethod Inc. / Toronto, ON – Canada Title: “La Carnita – DOS” – Visionary Winner La Carnita – DOS How do you make a popular restaurant […]

Westwerk – 2014 Best of Show

Complete Branding Package Westwerk / Minneapolis, MN – USA Title: “Pikes Peak Brewing Branding” Client: Pikes Peak Brewing Company- Best of Show Campaign

Carte Blanche Films Inc. – 2014 Best of Show

Television Carte Blanche Films / Ottawa, ON – Canada Title: “Hard Rock Medical” Client: TVO APTN – Best of Show

The King Agency – 2014 Best of Show

Industry Self-Promotion Collateral The King Agency / Richmond, VA – USA Title: “Xmas mailer” Client: The King Agency – Best of Show Industry Self Promotion

FamiljenPangea – 2014 Best of Show

Consumer Newspaper FamiljenPangea / Stockholm – Sweden Title: “Midwives wanted” Client: Health Union of Sweden – Judge’s Choice Award

SEW Branded – 2014 Best of Show

Public Service Multiple-media Campaign SEW Branded / New York, NY – USA Title: “1D + OD Live Love Move Together Against Bullying” Client: Office Depot – Best […]

LEAP Advertising – 2014 Best of Show

Experiential Marketing LEAP Advertising / Vancouver, BC – Canada Title: “Centerfold”, Client: Science World – Best of Show Interactive

SapientNitro – 2014 Best of Show

B-to-B Trade Advertising Campaign SapientNitro / Miami, FL – USA Title: “The New Face of Global” Client: Hartford Funds – Best of Show Print