2009 SCA Best of Show – Summit Awards

2009 SCA Best of Show

Fingerprint Communications

“Spelling Bee”  – PSA Television Fingerprint Communications – Toronto, ON Canada Best of Show Public Service Announcement

Agence Braque

Holiday Card/Announcement – Self-Promo Invite Agence Braque – Montreal, QC Canada “Agence Braque Moving announcement” Best of Show Industry Self Promotion

Firstborn and Mullen

National Grid Community Website Firstborn and Mullen – New York, NY USA “National Grid Floe” Best of Show Interactive Media 

Clarence Lee Design

“Baba’s Coffee” – Packaging Series/Campaign         Clarence Lee Design – Honolulu, HI USA KUNI Corporation – Best of Show Design

Sub urban

“Heroes” – Television Campaign Sub urban – Johannesburg, South Africa WWF – Best of Show Broadcast