Tips – Summit Awards


External Repository Links

Linking to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other external repositories is another common issue. While these might be convenient for the entrants, they do not present creative well.

Underutilization of Submission Platform

A crucial catch in our admin review is when an entrant fails to take full advantage of the Summit Awards Platform’s capabilities, such as using the 10 uploads available and the URL fields, opting instead […]

Non-Creative Overload

Judges assess creative excellence, not sales pitches. We give entrants every opportunity to emphasize creativity without excessive non-creative content, ensuring that they do not inadvertently insult the judges. We’re not selling a campaign to a […]

Excess Creative Samples

While enthusiasm in submissions is appreciated, an overabundance can distract from the creative being the hero. During our vital review, we notify entrants when entries need to be streamlined to spotlight their creative, preventing redundancies […]

Missing Creative Materials

In the rush to meet deadlines, entrants sometimes omit crucial components. Our unique system involves a complex tagging, triggering, and communication mechanism via the Summit Awards Platform, which allows entrants to rectify and resubmit their […]

Catching Common Errors and Issues

We give entrants every opportunity to make changes, ensuring that their entries are in perfect order before moving on to the judging phase. Our proactive communication and feedback loops allow entrants to address any issues […]

Branded Entries vs. Blind Judging

Since its inception, the Summit Awards has upheld the principle of blind judging to eliminate any bias. Our admin team meticulously reviews each entry to ensure no identifying marks or hints about the entrant’s identity […]