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About SIA

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones Creative Director Upp B2B – Liverpool UNITED KINGDOM Currently, I work for Upp B2B as the Creative Director of an award-winning, full-service, branding, design, […]

Alexander Smirnov

Alexander Smirnov Creative Director Tabasco – UKRAINE Alexander started his advertising career in D’Arcy Ukraine as a copywriter and left the Agency as Associated Creative Director. […]

Charles Van Vechten

Charles Van Vechten Managing Director Buchanan Design – SAN DIEGO A creative industry executive with over 25 years of experience in brand, design, and marketing. Relationship […]

Cindy Stern

Cindy Stern Executive Director Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema – CHICAGO Cindy has 20+ years of experience as an award-winning retail strategist, writer, creative director, and […]

Jack Adamson

Jack Adamson Director of Visual Story CrackerJackFlash – CANADA Early in his career, Jack had the opportunity to work on brands like Axe, Sprite, Toyota and many […]

Fabio Orlando

Fabio Orlando Chief Executive & Chief Creative Office tag – CANADA They say you can’t be two places at once. Well “they” obviously haven’t met Fabio, […]