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About SIA

Trent Oliver – Continuity Judge

Trent Oliver CEO Blue Telescope – NEW YORK Trent Oliver is the co-founder and CEO of Blue Telescope, where for more than a decade she has […]

John Martin

John Martin Regional Marketing Director Vaisala Inc. With 20+ years of global marketing and communications experience, John has developed successful programs to support business growth for […]

Olga Weiss

Olga Weiss Chief Creative Officer / Partner IDM – Los Angeles Award-winning, executive-level creative with 15+ years of professional experience in strategic and design thinking, brand […]

Niraj Sinha

Niraj Sinha Chairman & CEO Maple Diversity Communications – CANADA Niraj Sinha is an entrepreneur, multicultural markets expert, and a bestselling author. He has spent over […]

Timothy Yip

Timothy Yip COO, VP Client Services Maple Diversity Communications – CANADA Tim leads the account management team at Maple Diversity Communications. With over 13 years of […]

Pancho Gonzalez

Pancho Gonzalez Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder Inbrax – CHILE Pancho González studied advertising at the Universidad de Santiago in Chile and coursed an EMBA at […]

Peter Gorman – Continuity Judge

Pete Gorman Executive Creative Director – MILWAUKEE A unique blend of right and left-brained thinker, disruptor, team builder, leader, mentor, collaborator and motivator with a history […]

Sarthak Sharma

Sarthak Sharma Director Strategy and Planning BTI Brand Innovations – MISSISSAUGA If brands can move beyond boundaries, why can’t people? What started as a curiosity, turned […]

David Bieloh

David Bieloh Associate Professor Graphic Design Department of Art Central Washington University – USA Originally from Oklahoma, David studied graphic design in Dallas, Texas where he […]