Summit Awards 2021 Top Agency

Great campaigns matter. They change people’s attitudes and behaviours. That’s why big companies create great campaigns to sell you more stuff.

But doesn’t our world need more than… more stuff?

Welcome to The NOW Group.

We’re a different kind of creative agency. We don’t sell cars or detergent. Ever.

We create great campaigns for good causes. We change minds to help promote social good. And we inspire action to make people’s lives better and our communities stronger.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been working with non-profits, unions, and progressive leaders to create award-winning campaigns that protect public services and build movements for positive change. From message development and communications training, to visual branding and full-service advertising for cutting-edge digital and traditional media, we do it all.

If you’re looking to help people, you’ve come to the right place. Together, let’s do some good.

Vancouver, BC
  • British Columbia Teachers' Federation - "One Parent's Story" // Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2022 Platinum
  • Ontario's NDP - "Election 2022" // Summit Creative Awards 2023 Gold
  • UOttawa - "Ottawa's Academic Health Network" // Summit Creative Awards 2023 Silver
  • Canadian Cancer Society - "About Life" // Summit Creative and Marketing Effectiveness Awards 2023 Silver

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