award-winning design consulting firm specialized in brand identity established in 2002

pizelato™ is an award-winning design consultancy firm based in mexico, specialized in corporate design such as brand creation and development and corporate identity strategies. pizelato™ was created in 2001 and formally established in 2002 by graphic designer ivan abbadie, creative director.

with over 20 years of experience, pizelato™ has developed several projects for multiple kinds of industries such as agriculture, construction, mining, transportation, chemistry, textile, food, automotive, manufacturing, real estate, entertainment, wine, restaurant and services, both professional and business, achieving efficient results and building strong brands inside and outside from mexico.

throughout its history, pizelato™ has been recognized and awarded in several countries such as france, china, united states, germany, slovakia, italy, england, netherlands, russia, ukraine, indonesia, hong kong, taiwan, brazil, malaysia, korea, south africa, peru, australia and, of course, in mexico; in addition, their work has been published in graphic design books and specialized magazines in america, europe and asia.

  • summit creative award™ 2022
  • summit creative award™ 2020
  • summit creative award™ 2019
  • summit creative award™ 2018
  • summit creative award™ 2014
  • summit creative award™ 2011

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