We believe brands are never static. Each company is on an ever-evolving journey and its trajectory can be improved through great conceptual design. That's where we come in.

We launch work that attracts, informs, inspires and ultimately, gets people to act.

The continuum is our process. It’s based on the principle that brands are more than just a logo; they are more akin to ideas and feelings that reside within your employees and your customers. Our ideas are expansive; we develop concepts that work in multiple dimensions by continuously asking ourselves “what if” and “why not”.

Our partners are crucial to the continuum; they use their experience to guide the team from the challenge and into the solution. The team is composed of the client engaging with the partners to create a mission proposal that is meant to serve as a challenge. We then take that back to our selected crew, composed of young, talented creative designers that live on the leading edge of technology. The result is often unexpected and unique, a solution that answers the initial challenge and goes a bit further.

227 — 475 Main Street
Vancouver BC Canada V6A 2T7

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