Coronavirus Pandemic Door Hanger (2021 SCA Bronze Award)
I am working to make this a better world for others. I just happen to be a highly trained and experienced communication designer with a creative process that works.

Flynn Design, a division of Groovinby, Ltd., is a communication design boutique creating unique visual interpretations of your message to the world. We specialize in annual report design, corporate & event branding, subtle animations, publications, and book design. Heidi Flynn Barnett has over 25 years of experience as owner/president of Flynn Design, and as senior partner at Kiyomi from 2013-2020, where the focus was on book design and exhibition graphics.

1836 Lyncrest Avenue, Jackson, MS 39202
United States
  • 6ft-How we social distance 2020 Coronavirus Response (SCA Silver Award)
  • Mississippi Center for Justice 2017 Annual Report (SCA Bronze Award)
  • Mississippi Center for Justice 2017 Great Mississippi Road Trip Invitation (SCA Gold Award)
  • "Step Alongside and Lean In" (Innovator Award, EMA2020, animation/motion graphics)
  • "You Matter!" (Leader Award, EMA2020, animation/motion graphics)
  • Mamassage Logo Design (SCA Bronze Award)
  • Mississippi Center for Justice 2014 Annual Report (SCA Silver Award)

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