Bob Melan – Summit Awards

Bob Melan

Bob Melan

Lead Creative

Baker Hughes – HOUSTON

I believe design is a language. It is a language we all subliminally learned as we all grew up. Like any language, you can deliver a monotonous speech. I believe you can provide an award-winning screenplay, with just the language of design. No matter your product, the language is universal. It just needs to be crafted.

I have been attached to the hip with Photoshop since its inception. I may have been 10 years old, but it is how my story with “art” started. To say my experience with industries and clients is broad, is an understatement. Upon graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Houston, I spent the next 5 years in Hollywood, California. I gained experience in many aspects of entertainment advertising, as well as running my own freelance game. Starting at the bottom, working as an intern at an independent production house, I eventually came into a lead design role. I created marketing and design campaigns geared toward acquiring investors for multi-million dollar films.

I began working with non-profit and semi-profits. Helping these companies launch into helping the world. It is something, I truly enjoy. In Houston, I began working with smaller startups as clients. These companies were apps, medical, and energy. I provided full brand identities, marketing materials, front-end designs, exhibits, and brochures.

I then moved into an in-house senior designer role. I collaborate with a marketing team, that reaches around the globe. I don’t speak German or Mandarin, but my work does.