Amoth Studio – New Prague Czech Republic – Summit Awards

Amoth Studio – New Prague Czech Republic

Amoth Studio

New Prague, Czech Republic

Category: Package Design

Title: The Treasure of Zbojniks

Client: ST. NICOLAUS – trade, a.s.

Award: 2021 Best of Show

The task was to create a label design for a Slovak line of fruit distillates “Zbojnícka”. The story behind the creation of the brand is inspired by local folk tales and traditions, while the label design incorporates ornaments and motifs unique for Slovak villages.


Sasha Sharavarau, Amoth Studio, Art Director
Sasha Sharavarau, Amoth Studio, Designer
Tania Sharavarava, Amoth Studio, Illustrator
José Sabino, Sabino Studio, Photographer
Robert Špecián, Artworker