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The Summit Awards organization recognizes excellence in the communications and marketing industry. It administers three distinguished award competitions each year to highlight outstanding work. The Summit International Awards is a United States-based organization that conducts three annual marketing awards. It is independent and unrelated to any advertiser, magazine, trade association, ad club, or other outside influences.


At Summit International Awards, our mission is to recognize and celebrate exceptional creativity and innovation across various media platforms worldwide, while championing and elevating creative brilliance in all its forms. We strive to honor the outstanding work of individuals and organizations who push boundaries, inspire audiences, and contribute to the evolution of the creative landscape. Our vision is to be the premier global platform that fosters a vibrant community valuing artistic expression, encouraging collaboration, and propelling the creative industry forward. Through our rigorous awards program, insightful educational initiatives, and impactful networking opportunities, we aspire to empower creative professionals to reach new heights of achievement and bring positive change to the world.

One of the unique aspects of the Summit Creative Award is its dedication to promoting diversity and fairness. It fosters a level playing field by limiting the size of companies eligible to compete, ensuring that small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to shine. This approach ensures that the award is not dominated solely by industry giants with vast budgets, but rather focuses on the sheer brilliance and ingenuity of the creative work submitted.


To achieve our mission and fulfill our vision, we are guided by the following core values:


Excellence: We recognize and celebrate exceptional creative work that demonstrates excellence in concept, execution, and impact.

Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and believe that creativity knows no boundaries. We strive to provide a platform that welcomes and represents voices from all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives.

Integrity: We maintain the highest standards of fairness, transparency, and ethical conduct in all our interactions and decision-making processes.

Inspiration: We aim to inspire creative professionals by showcasing exemplary work and providing educational resources that foster personal and professional growth.

Collaboration: We encourage collaboration and knowledge-sharing within our community, fostering a supportive environment that fuels innovation and breakthrough thinking.

Innovation: We embrace emerging technologies, trends, and unconventional approaches, recognizing that they are catalysts for groundbreaking creative work.

By embodying these values, the Summit Awards can continue to fulfill its mission, realize its vision, and positively impact the creative industry on a global scale. As the organization moves forward, it remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing talent, promoting excellence, and shaping the future of creative expression. Together, the organization and its entrants and winners can inspire, elevate, and celebrate the incredible achievements of creative professionals worldwide.

The Summit Awards expresses gratitude for the unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions of its community members.

One Organization | Three Awards

Shaping the Future of Creative Excellence


The Summit Awards is the oldest and most prestigious organization administering marketing awards exclusively for firms with limited billings. The Creative Award has become a premier creative and communication excellence arbiter throughout its 29-year history. Using stringent evaluation criteria and blind judging processes, the competitions reward only those whose work exemplifies the finest in their class.


Affordable Accessibility and Global Impact
The Summit Awards aim to make its competitions affordable and accessible to the industry. It offers streamlined internet submissions, many ways to tout winners' achievements, and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff. Companies worldwide invest their promotional dollars in Summit Awards competitions to be recognized as Summit Awards winners.


Today, many businesses and entrepreneurs face the challenges of an increasingly global economy, fragmenting media, and a do-it-yourself marketplace. Competition for marketing dollars is growing. The Summit Awards help your brand stand out by recognizing talent, boosting your online presence, and associating with our internationally recognized award.


Upcoming Dates

  • Marketing Effectiveness Award

    October 2023
  • Emerging Media Award

    November 2023
  • Summit Creative Award

    TBD 2024

Competitive Advantage

Industry Support

Recognition by the Summit Awards helps winners stand out from the crowd because winning is challenging. Under our bylaws, the Summit Awards continues to limit the number of winning entries for three decades. This capping of awards ensures your win remains a coveted honor. Additionally, it provides an objective critique and validation of your team’s success. These benefits are instrumental in helping winners achieve their business goals of attracting new accounts; reinforcing relationships with existing clients; rewarding employees, partners, and subcontractors; motivating creative team members, and attracting new talent.

Our organization, whose aim is to laud the creative work from less-than-huge agencies, makes competition affordable and accessible. We offer streamlined internet submissions, many ways to tout winner’s achievements, and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff. Award certificates and internet medallions are offered free of charge to winners, and elegant custom trophies can be ordered.

Multi-award Discounts
The Summit Awards offer discounts for companies entering more than one competition. To qualify for the multi-award discount, entrants must submit at least equal or more entries to the Creative Award. For example, if you submit seven entries for the Creative Award, you will receive seven discounted entries for the Effectiveness Award. This allows companies to enter multiple award competitions at a discounted rate, thus maximizing their chances of winning and increasing their visibility in the industry.

Needs-based Scholarships
The Summit Awards is the only awards organization that gives back to the industry by offering need-based scholarships to qualified entrants and a discounted student fee structure. In keeping with its bylaws, the Summit Awards is committed to helping reduce barriers for freelancers who need financial assistance. Please email sia@ summitawards.com for details.


International recognition
Prestigious 29-year reputation
Reputable blind judging
Affordable entry
Complete visual winner Galleries
Winner microsites
Signature, custom trophies
No required winner "acceptance fee"
Friendly, knowledgeable customer support


Advertising, Digital, and Interactive Agencies
In-house Marketing/Creative Departments
Interactive Agencies
Creative Boutiques
Web & App Designers
Video and Audio Production Firms
  • Derek Sims | Senior Vice President of Marketing
    This award is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of our skilled Marketing Team.
    Derek Sims | Senior Vice President of Marketing
    Accountable Healthcare Staffing
  • Alex Otanez | CEO
    The whole team at Shockoe is thrilled with this honor. We pride ourselves on our quality digital solutions that help clients stand out. These awards highlight the value of that hard work.
    Alex Otanez | CEO
  • Denise Rainey | President & CEO
    On behalf of our highly talented team, I am both honored and humbled at this recognition of our creative excellence and commitment to high standards. Having achieved Bronze Awards in a competition inclusive of 27 countries is a very high point of this year’s achievements.
    Denise Rainey | President & CEO
    Rainmakers Strategic Solutions LLC.
  • Andrew Oleson | Owner
    I'm so proud of my team. I know the work they do is exceptional, and seeing it put against other agency work, run through the gauntlet, and still come out with a win speaks volumes.
    Andrew Oleson | Owner
    PDG + creative
  • John Trest | Chief Learning Officer
    We are honored to be recognized by the Summit Creative Awards. Winning an award such as this shows our team’s dedication to creating the highest quality content in the industry.
    John Trest | Chief Learning Officer
    Inspired eLearning
  • Scott Edwards | Executive Creative Director
    We’re extremely proud to be recognized for having made such an important impact for our clients and the agency.
    Scott Edwards | Executive Creative Director
    Innis Maggiore
  • Arturo Schwartzberg | Cofounder and Chairman
    Creativity and innovation are embedded in SweetRush’s DNA. We constantly feel the need to reinvent ourselves and not just keep up with the constantly evolving uses of media for learning and development, but to actually push the envelope ourselves. Receiving an award that recognizes and celebrates that tells us we’re moving in the right direction and creating innovative solutions for our clients.
    Arturo Schwartzberg | Cofounder and Chairman
  • Debi Burrows | Head Storyteller and Strategist
    Winning a Summit Creative Award is an exciting accomplishment with vetted judges, tough criteria, and the blind judging processes. We are ecstatic to have been chosen for this prestigious international award.
    Debi Burrows | Head Storyteller and Strategist
    Penguin Suits
  • Lara August | Owner
    We are honored to receive this level of international recognition. So many other marketing and advertising awards are entirely subjective. The Summit MEAs are different because winners are selected based on results, which is also how we evaluate the effectiveness of the work we do for our clients.
    Lara August | Owner
    Robot Creative
  • Kevin Hourigan | President and CEO
    Winning a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is a serious accomplishment requiring demonstration of proven results.
    Kevin Hourigan | President and CEO
    Bayshore Solutions
  • Josh London | Chief Marketing Officer
    Winning a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is wonderful recognition of the successful work we’ve done to develop new branding that truly reflects IDG’s strengths globally.
    Josh London | Chief Marketing Officer
  • Stephanie Crockett | Senior Vice President
    We’re honored to receive a Silver Summit Award and elated that our work is being celebrated by our clients and the industry.
    Stephanie Crockett | Senior Vice President
    Eric Mower + Associates
  • Nicole Hanusek | Owner
    We are honored to accept this award, as it is a culmination of all of our hard work as a team. Go, team!
    Nicole Hanusek | Owner
    Smack Happy Design
  • Vintage Foster | President
    This was our first time winning a Summit Creative Award. We’re extremely honored to be awarded, for the competition in this awards program runs deep.
    Vintage Foster | President
    AMF Media Group

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