Small and medium-size agencies worldwide produce a great deal of outstanding advertising, yet creative competitions are dominated by large advertising agencies, large clients and large budgets.

Since 1994, the Summit Creative Award has enabled creative firms to receive the recognition they have long deserved. This international advertising competition offers participants a unique opportunity to showcase their talents alongside similarly positioned agencies, and to have their work judged by experts in the advertising field. Our exclusive award-selection process means winners have earned the right to broadcast their achievements far and wide.

Companies and individuals from more than 50 countries and across five continents have participated in this prestigious 20-year competition - the first and best of its kind.

Our organization, whose aim is to laud the creative work of less-than-huge
SCA Logoagencies, makes competition affordable and accessible. We offer multiple entry discounts, streamlined internet submissions, many ways to tout winner's achievements, and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service staff. Award certificates and internet medallions are free to winners, and elegant custom trophies are optionally available as well.


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Summit Cretive Awards offers:

  • International recognition
  • Prestigious 20-year reputation
  • Reputable blind judging
  • Affordable entry cost
  • Signature, custom trophies
  • No required "acceptance fee" for winners
  • Friendly, knowledgeable customer support

Who Should Enter:

  • Advertising and Public Relations Agencies
  • In-house Marketing/Creative Departments
  • Video and Audio Production Firms
  • Web Designers
  • Creative Boutiques
  • Interactive Agencies
  • Freelancer Professionals
  • Television/Radio Stations
  • Graphic Designers
  • Display/Package Design Companies
Submission Deadline: March 9, 2015. 


Submission Pricing Dates:

Early Bird


Eleventh Hour

Nov 19 - Jan 22

Jan 23 - Feb 24

Feb 25 - Mar 9



The Summit Creative Award is exclusively for organizations with annual billings below $30 million. Some organizations are limited to lower maximum billings. To determine eligibility for a company that does not fall clearly into one of the below categories, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 503-297-9979.

Organization Maximum Size (in millions)
Advertising Agencies, Public Relations, Advertisers (in-house depts.), Multimedia & Interactive Firms $30
Video/audio Production, Website Design, Animators, Media company $25
Graphic Design, Non-profits $20
Creative Boutiques (creative only no production/media), Commercial Art/Photography $15

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